Why did you start your business?

Being a naturalist from the beginning of my career and living the benefits of healthy choices in my personal life, I knew my work life and professional life needed to collide. I trained at an eco-institute and after a few years experience working in a traditional salon, it quickly became a necessity for me to get back to the basics and away from the harsher toxic products that have become the industry norm I was surrounded by daily.

The dream of working in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded with organic aromas and like-minded beauty care and wellness professionals needed to become reality for my own health, not to mention that of my clients or their service results, or I was no longer going to be in this industry.

Our small little town had a million salons already but nothing that offered ONLY non-toxic services/products, so I took a leap of faith, which has been one of the best decisions of my life (other than marrying my wonderful hubby who supported this dream to the point he literally broke both his arms building it.


What makes your business special? 

We offer only completely non-toxic products and services, and we do the research so you don't have to! Our cosmetic industry has been overtaken in the "big beauty" game of making items with cheaper ingredients to make bigger bucks and unfortunately all of us who use such products end up with limited safe options. Some may not believe it's important to avoid or even care what's in the products we use; maybe they figure if it's sold on a shelf it must be OK. But not only is the cosmetic industry not regulated by the FDA but also the regulation standards it does have are so minimal it's scary.

Your body/skin is a sponge and more than 60 percent of what it comes into contact with it goes directly into your bloodstream. Most women have more than 200 chemicals pass through their bodies before they even leave their homes in the morning, in the way of shampoo, conditioner, makeup, toothpaste, coffee creamer, dish soap, and more. Think about the fact that there are known carcinogens in your shampoo alone, but because it may be such a trace amount, it's considered OK by regulation standards. If you use that shampoo daily, or even every other day, when does that "trace amount" passing through your body stop being a "safe amount," and what about all of the other products you use daily and their safe "trace" amounts? That's why we hunt, test, and only use products that are free of anything toxic.

We greatly rely on the cosmetic safety database to check everything we use before we offer it. This site has a plethora of known personal care products, brands, ingredients, and rates each for their toxicity, whether it be a paraben (hormone/reproductive disruptor), carcinogen, or something as simply overlooked as fragrance (artificial), the most common undiagnosed allergen.

 Special Thanks to  Doyle's Inc.  for their incredible craftsmanship and for  Building Our Dreams   - it was a labor of love! 

Special Thanks to Doyle's Inc. for their incredible craftsmanship and for Building Our Dreams  - it was a labor of love!