March/April 2015

“Spring” Forward into daylight savings time….  Put a “Spring” in your step…. Spring has sprung I know it well, I have a cold I feel like-“Spring” is here!  Well you get the idea. We are so excited that the temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, the sun is shining, and the robins will soon be back!

In case you are suffering from cabin fever yet, we have some special ways to help you come out of hibernation. You don’t need to book a flight south. Just take a trip to Bella Zenn Salon Spa, where it is birthday month- celebrating our 3rd year! Our wellness spa has several rejuvenating treatments to ease you through the last stretch of winter blues. Whether you want to indulge in a skin pampering Bella Glow (sugar scrub) and Benessere (steam session), or jump start a fitness program with a detoxifying mud application, our Aromatherapist, Terri, will customize a treatment with your needs in mind. Terri combines her years of health care experience with a holistic approach to wellness.  Our Rinnovo treatment is an immune boosting therapy combining the therapeutic benefits of 14 essential oils.  We are also introducing The Oola Experience- a mindful intention service, where you can focus on the areas of life that may be out of balance, or areas you need to work on. Terri, and other Bella Zenn staff, recently attended a Young Living educational event, with the added bonus of having the Oola guys there to speak. (If you haven’t read their book yet, you really should!) 


In honor of our BIRTHDAY, receive 20% off any Young Living oil purchase, when scheduling an aromatherapy service. If you're a spring chicken too and it's also your BIRTHDAY, prove it and receive 10% off your spa service through April!

Some of our clients and friends have made the leap into using essential oils in their daily routines. These potent plant extracts can be used to promote health, alleviate symptoms and also help clean the surfaces and air in our homes.  But we know that many of you are still not too sure about what the benefits are, how to use them, or how to get started.  Our Aromatherapist, Terri, is available for private consultations by appointment.  Another way to learn more is to attend one of our many community involvement events or one of her popular and informative in-house classes! She will be speaking at the Colby/Abbotsford Health Fair, Thursday April 16th at our facebook page and the Star News for more info! Bella's in house classes are free, however space is limited. Call the salon to register:

Monday April 20 


The 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture….Explore the history of essential oils, going back thousands of years.


Using the Everyday oils, Everyday….What are good oils to get started with and how to use them.

{NEWsworthy NEWS}

Maybe a makeover is more what you have in mind. Our totally non-toxic skin and hair care products are where you want to start. Remember, the skin is our largest organ, and 60% of what goes ON our skin goes IN our bloodstream.  Another new service is the Inner Peace Facial. The perfect pick me up treat! A non-issue focused treatment to indulge, relax and refresh the delicate skin of the face, you will be swept away with invigorating organic cleansers, warm towels, oils and specialty toning manipulations to leave your revived and glowing!  With Easter, Prom, Mother’s day and Wedding season just around the corner, be sure to plan ahead, so we can help you look and feel your best for those special days.


Have you checked out the recent additions in our Eco-Boutique?  Sweet Salvation line has added liquid hand soaps, solid perfume sticks, body lotions and a deodorant- all thoughtfully created using pure essential oils. We also have new custom salves, “Mr.” and “Mrs.”; the perfect couple gift for showers or weddings, or Mother’s and Father’s Day. These salves are blends of essential oils selected for their appealing fragrance,s as well as their therapeutic properties.  Some of the oils in “Mr.” blend include Idaho blue spruce, cedar wood and chamomile; to promote relaxation, positive mood and confidence. The “Mrs.” blend includes jasmine, sandalwood, and citrus oils to relieve stress, and foster good feelings and romance.

Of course our favorite clothing and accessory line is ever expanding and the Eco-boutique is stocked with the latest spring trends: lightweight floral scarf/vests, pastel boot cuffs and new colors in the top extenders and flip cardis!! 


**We're changing things up soon so don't miss the last chance to snatch up savings of 10% off a variety of Fava tea blends and locally sourced honey!**



Instead of a “healthy” recipe this month, we thought we would share one of our new favorite treats. Terri discovered Crio Bru while exploring at JLAR a while back. (For those of you who may not know, JLAR is a bulk food store on Hwy 13, about 6 miles north of Medford, featuring many organic and healthy food options) Crio Bru is ground cocoa beans that you brew like coffee! It comes in a variety of added flavors, but the original- plain cocoa- is great. It is rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are the good guys that put free radicals, the inflammatory, cancer-causing bad guys, out of commission. One cup has about 10 calories. It can be served hot, or after brewing, be chilled and served cold. The store owner also shared that the brewed grounds can be added to baked goods for a chocolatey-tasting fiber, or made into homemade body scrub, which we tried with brown sugar and almond oil.

Just a reminder about Project Ignite. This is Bella Zenn’s  “pay it  forward” effort.  Members of our staff create fire-starters using recycled egg cartons, paper roll tubes, dryer lint and crayon or candle wax. We sell these for a minimum donation of $1. Once we have the funds available, we offer a spa service gift certificate to a deserving recipient.  This might be a person who has been a caregiver for an ailing parent or spouse; someone going through their own health issues; a returning armed services person, or anyone who may be in need, but wouldn't make the time or have the funds to treat themselves.  We are asking for your help to purchase a few of the fire-starters and make a donation, and also for nominees to receive the gift certificates.  You can give us the name of deserving person anonymously- just tell one of our staff who you would like to add to our list.

Here’s hoping you will be happily hopping into Spring...and as always, Be Well!