What is your favorite part about working with brides/weddings? 


We particularly love working with wedding parties and brides because it gives us an opportunity to share our passion for healthy beauty while still being extremely creative and breaking up the normal routine. This gives us a chance to help make a bride really glow from the inside, and we can be completely confident in knowing we are using highly professional but completely nourishing products to make her day absolutely perfect! Nothing glows like a bride when she not only looks beautiful but feels it, too. We also love to share our space as we keep it quaint and let the bridal party take over and choose the music we work to and just love how every party can feel so relaxed and at home in our space.

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Do you have a favorite story/experience of working with a bride/wedding that you can share? 

We really love every bride/wedding, and there's always something interesting at the end of the day, but our favorite parties have been when we get to work with sweet brides that are all about the "big picture" not just about the wedding. Instead it’s about their marriage they're about to start, the love they're celebrating, and how they’ve really poured their hearts into representing that on their day. It's even better when we get to work with other local talents, such as James Stokes Photography, The Wedding Gallery Decorators, and Creative Crumbs, all who share our love for such brides. It's epic when we all get to work together!!

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What tips do you have for brides based on what you see in your business? 

Relax and enjoy these moments! Stressing out over details is only going to make you a mess; no one else even knows if your bridesmaids' dresses were supposed to be coral not burnt orange, or that your planner forgot to put the wedding favors on the tables not in a little basket by the guest book--all minor in the grand scheme of things. Most of all, have fun, and not just at the reception. Do so by choosing close friends/family that mean the world to you and your groom, and who will be there for the rest of your life, good and bad. And, of course, have fun by enjoying the pampering you do beforehand, too!

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